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Three new guide dog puppies have arrived in Malta Sunday 31st August 2014 from Lyon, France. This is the group who welcomed them from the MGDF, including Leone, Lilibeth, Luca and Elaine, plus our sponsors Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd who will be paying for their puppy food until they leave for Messina. Thanks also to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) who covered their travelling expenses.

MGDF’s three new puppies settling in well

The Malta Guide Dogs Foundation (MGDF) last Sunday received three puppies bred in France, two of which are to be trained as guide dogs and the third to be raised for breeding.


The two puppies to be trained as guide dogs are both males and black, Justie and Juno, while Jodie, is female and champagne coloured. The three are around four months old but already show the sort of temperament that is essential for a future guide dog.

MGDF officials, led by Chair, Leone Sciberras (and his guide dog Aval), Hon. Secretary Lilibeth Cachia, Hon. Treasurer Elaine Cassar and Luca Taliano, who is responsible for overseeing the local guide dogs, along with the three families that are to take the puppies in their care, were at Malta International Airport to greet the puppies, who were brought over by Antonin Morin from the French breeding centre.


Jodie arrives at the Pictons

Justie has been assigned to the Fleming family, while Juno went to the Hollamby family, and the Pictons have welcomed Jodie in their home. Both Justie and Juno will be proceeding to training as guide dogs at the Hellen Keller Guide Dog School in Messina when they are around a year.

Mr Sciberras commented: “The arrival of guide dog puppies is a very exciting time and, thanks to the response we had following our appeals in the media, we are extremely satisfied with the families who have come forward to bring up the puppies and take them into their homes.”

The new puppies have settled in well and will be constantly supervised by Mr Taliana as they grow. The food for the puppies is being sponsored completely by Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd, while the flight costs were covered through a long-term agreement with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).


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