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Let's look at the importance of Nutrients in Pet Food

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The food we provide our Pets with must fulfil the energy requirements, for that particular animal for that particular day. The amount depends on the age, growth, physical activity, size of the pet, if the pet is neutered, and if the pet is pregnant or in lactation.  Food is the source of energy. In a premium high quality cat or dog food 1g of: a protein provides 4 calories; of carbohydrates including grains provides 4 calories; and of fat provides 9 calories. It is essential to provide high quality minerals, vitamins, trace elements and Water.


A nutritional Balance in our pets food is achieved by providing enough energy; providing the materials needed to build and renew organs; providing all the nutrients that are essential to the smooth functioning of the body. Good nutrition is one of the few ways that helps our pets to live a longer and happier life. It is estimated that due to the advances in pet food the life expectancy in dogs have been extended by 3 years. A dog should be fed differently from a cat, since cats are not Mini Dogs.



A dog should be fed differently according to its status, whether a puppy, fully grown or mature or whether their size is Xtra small, small, medium, large or giant. In cats moreover there are different nutritional needs according to their lifestyle, sensitivity and breed. Our pets are facing another threat of Anthropomorphism, meaning that since we feel very close to our pets we believe we know how they ‘function’. We forget that dogs and cats are primarily Carnivores and we project our own lifestyle and desires on to them forgetting how different they are from us. Cats are carnivores, the size and shapes of their organs are different from ours; their jaws are made for cutting and not chewing, no digestive enzyme in their saliva, and very short digestive tract. In dogs their food regulates their behaviour; the same food in the same dish at the same time gives them a psychological balance. Cats need a self service system since they are solitary hunters and therefore need to eat up to 16 small meals a day.  This shows we cannot feed them as we do ourselves since our food may not be cooked enough, too rich and not at all suited to the dog or cats lifestyle.


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