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A pet is not for Christmas , responsible ownership is very important…But after all pets bring a bundle of joy in our lives !




This gorgeous cheeky little bundle of fur spares no effort in charming his owner and exploring his environment.  However, this budding adventurer, who  wants to discover and above all taste everything, is still a fragile baby.  He needs long periods of rest and protection to help him grow up safely.  His immune and digestive systems are still immature, and his new owner will want to give him the best for his future health to ensure his safe and harmonious growth. This is a crucial period for the puppy or kitten, which demands high levels of energy and affects his adult life. 




Helping your puppy grow up safely and well means :


-        Guaranteeing his digestive security, thanks to highly digestible proteins which ensure excellent digestibility for a still immature digestive system.  They provide the essential nutrients for muscle growth, and a combination of specially selected fibres, encourages good digestive transit.  Watch out for very important nutrients that guarantee the health of the digestive system which are found in our pet food.  Important nutrients found in grains are essential in a pet food containing fibre, protein  and energy.  All these factors guarantee digestibility and ensure that the pup or kitten gets the best from their food.

-        Giving him very easy to digest energy: foods need to be highly concentrated in energy which means better digestive tolerance because the stomach is not overloaded. Moreover, a precise rationing will help avoiding any overweight during growth.  One needs to be careful when reading the different tips about nutrition, most write ups are commercially driven by a pet food manufacturers. On the other hand it is a very good idea to listen to what the vet recommends.  Furthermore some pet food manufacturers base their statements on research and development for over 40 years.  This is an important element in our buying decision process. 


The  Nutrition must meet all the needs of every puppy/kitten, based on his size and sensitive, and adapted precisely to his needs : it is known, for example, that large puppies have a more sensitive digestive system than small ones ; and that small breeds grow rapidly in just 10 months, while large dogs take between 18 and 24 months to reach adulthood.  Giant dogs build their skeleton until they are 8 months old, and then enter a phase of muscular development for 8 to 24 months.  Their dietary needs change, so their food must as well.




Kittens grow very quickly and go through two stages of growth before adulthood – babycat and kitten – they need a specific diet in each stage that meets all their basic needs in order to strengthen their immune systems, promote proper neurosensory development and facilitate bone growth.  An amazing fact is that certain diets provide specific kibbles according to the age , the size , the breed and any specific conditions of the cat or the dog which we have at home.  This is not a marketing gimmick as some might believe but it is a result of years of research which allows the manufacturer to adapt their food providing a longer and healthier life for your pet. Although cats are carnivores, their diet may contain high-quality carbohydrates to provide energy for easier digestion to help prevent stomach upset. The first growth period in a cat’s life is when it’s a “babycat.”  Babycats are kittens from 0-4 months old, and they have very specific nutritional needs during this stage of their life.  Babycats enter a growth phase called weaning, where they gradually lose their ability to digest lactose and develop an increasing intolerance to it.  This period is particularly delicate, and baby cats are susceptible to digestive issues.


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